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Aiyah! MLM ah! I don’t know how to sell lah! – Part 1

Posted on: February 23, 2009

This must be one of the more often heard responses from a prospect by a Malaysian MLMer, and in fact all MLMers. And we should not really be surprised.

However it is strange that people can take it upon themselves to learn things which they do not know. Learning how to drive, learning how to cook, learning how to bungee jump and learning how to sew are all examples of skills people learn.

Then why are people so scared of MLM selling?

Perhaps the answer lies in the “fear of rejection”. Not so much as our fear that we may not be able to learn how to sell, but rather the fear of being turned down and also believing that this being turned down would have a permanent effect on the relationship between us and the prospect.

Today let us try to examine the first reason.

a) The fear of being rejected or turned down.

If you think about this deeply, we say “no” to other people quite frequently. This could be to people we know, like a friend asking us to go for lunch, or people we don’t know, like a salesman at a supermarket offering us a special deal on something that we don’t want.

In the case of saying “no” to people we know, there might be a feeling of guilt, but very rarely in the case of people we don’t know. And after saying “no”, we don’t sit and think about this event deeply. Most probably we forget about it quite soon.

So it seems to me that “saying no” is not really a big deal.

What about the recipient? Do you think their lives get shattered? If this were to be the case, we should see different salespersons everyday in every supermarket or shop or selling establishment. Or at least very often see some salespeople rushing out of supermarkets crying their hearts out. True, the more sensitive amongst us might feel hurt, but really rare are those who mope and worry about the rejection day after day.

And I am willing to guarantee that in every case of someone feeling down because of a rejection, the advise he or she would get from their best friends, parents or other sincerely well intentioned people would be “forget it lah! This is nothing!”

So should anyone really worry about being rejected in a sales call. No, we should not!

In any sales call, we should just be prepared for a rejection. After all a prospect can buy or not buy. Both are valid options for the prospect. Just like options we would want if we were in their shoes. Why should we worry if he or she chooses the option not to buy?

After all it is clear that saying “no” to an invitation is not a big deal. So receiving a “no” should not be that big a deal either. It is just a state of mind.

In fact there is a technique to make each rejection a profitable one!

In the meantime, to those of you who are interested, I do have one opportunity that may make a lot of business sense. It does to me. Read about some of the characteristics of the product here.

Email me at with your name, town, hp number and the best time for me to call you.

Thank you for reading this post.

Best regards



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