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The 2 Types of People That We Can Target to Join Our MLM Home Based Business!

Posted on: March 6, 2009

People join MLM businesses for a variety of reasons. As a MLMer, it is important that we recognize the types of people who would be most likely to sign up with us. And equally if not more importantly who would become the future leaders in our team.

The two main types of potential team members are those:-

a) Looking for a business opportunity to increase their income

This covers people with some level of time freedom but with not enough money. Mainly employees,working 9 – 5. They have a reasonably stable income but just able to meet their financial commitments.

We can also include those retired people as well as those stay at home mums or fathers. They have spare time, but should always be pleased to earn more income.

These people with a genuine passion and commitment to increase their income are the most important people in building a large business. Not all may start off as leaders but leaders are not born, they are developed.

b) Product Consumers

These are people who like the product that is being marketed. They have no initial interest in marketing the product and build a business.

Many of our team members may start off as consumers who just want to experience the benefits the product gives them. Once they have shared with people they knew, they started to build a business despite their intentions. This is what word-of-mouth marketing is all about

The two categories are not mutually exclusive. There are plenty of people who are both (a) and (b).


In this period of economic uncertainty and job losses, there are plenty of people from the 1st category. I am sure that we’ll be meeting many people daily who are interested in increasing their income.


And when we have a product that is recession proof, a product that is badly needed by almost every parent with school going children at a price that is competitive, then we have plenty of potential prospects from the (b) category also.


The approach we have to take when we meet prospects from the two categories are different. A Type (b) person may be scared off, if we take the approach more suited for a Type (a) and vice versa.


We shall talk about how best to script an approach for the (a) and (b) types of people in our coming posts.


In the meantime, to those of you who are interested, I do have one opportunity that may make a lot of business sense. It does to me. It’s a business opportunity for all Malaysians. It’s a way to earn passive income for Malaysians or a way to earn part time income for Malaysians.


It’s SCORE A, that now allows everyone to score!!!


Read about some of the characteristics of the product here.


Email me at with your name, town, hp number and the best time for me to call you.

Thank you for reading this post.


Best regards





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