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Seeking Stars for our Network Business

Posted on: April 3, 2009

An MLM opportunity is just that, an opportunity. An opportunity to build a thriving business on a bootstrap. When you meet and pitch your business opportunity to someone, success might mean a million dollar “agent” working for you. Or it could just be a stagnant one time sale.

It is important to choose the right customer or agent. So often we are desperate to make that one sale and we seldom stop to make a critical evaluation of our customer, who might turn out to be the next star in our network.

It is true that the bulk of our customers will turn out to be just consumers. And that the sale to a consumer is also a sale. Still, making that extra effort to seek customers who turn out to be first class salespeople pays enormous dividends.

In choosing the right person, we have to get back to basics. Network Marketing is all about relationships. In fact, all marketing is about relationships, and network marketing is even more so.

We have to look for people oriented people. People who can put others at ease and build lasting friendships from day one. This is the raw material we need in the person.

The other ingredients are:-

– a passionate desire to undertake the business and

– knowledge needed for the business

And we’ll have a dynamo on our hands, Insya’Allah.

In the meantime, to those of you who are interested, I do have an opportunity that may make a lot of business sense to you. It does to me. It’s an exciting business opportunity for Malaysians. It’s a great way to earn part time income, until it overtakes your full time income. Then you can build it into a passive income source. It’s SCORE A, an online educational portal that now allows everyone to score in their exams!!! Read about some of the characteristics of the product here.

Email me at with your name, town, hp number and the best time for me to call you. Thank you for reading this post.

Best regards



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