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How I got my son to answer 390 questions of his school subjects daily

Posted on: April 10, 2009

My son is sitting for his PMR this year. Though he is a very smart boy, his school grades have not been something to be proud of. I blame myself partly for this, as I have not spent or invested the time with him in going through his studies when he was much younger.


I suspect this is a problem faced by many parents today. The pressures of working life, the long hours, the commuting stress all builds up upon us. When our children most need us, it is so much easier for us to just send them to tuition classes and hope that everything will be sorted out.


This was the path we took for our two elder girls. By the grace of God, they have now graduated and have started their working careers.


I am lucky that I have been given a second chance with my younger three children, of whom our son is the eldest.


Last October my wife was introduced to Score A by one of her friends. I was not too enthusiastic about it, but our youngest daughter started using it and did much better in school despite a very short time of use. This got me interested and I have committed myself to work together with my son to better his grades.


I am a strong believer that every child has his or her switch. A switch if turned on properly and at the right time, will result in a 180% change in their behaviour patterns. I have written about this in one of my other blogs.


My son, like almost every other teen his age prefers computer games to his school books anyday. He is very esourceful when it comes to the games. He is able to get help, motivated to score better in his games and is willing to spend long hours in improving his game. Now if we could only redirect this motivation to his studies.


This is exactly what Score A has allowed me to do.


I have a deal with him. I shall not yell at him when he plays his games, provided he finishes his work as agreed with him.


Daily he answers 1 set of eAssessments which comprise of Set 1 ( 15 questions), Set 2 (20 questions) and Set 3 (60 questions), making a total of 65 questions per subject.


And he does this for Science, English, Mathematics, Geography and History, making a total of 390 questions a day.


This is what is meant by Output Learning……… similar to the practice makes perfect theory.


He can do this as Score A is an online portal with online eNotes available at a click of a mouse. The questions come one just like a video game, he answers them and they are instantly marked.


And his mother and I can review what he has done for the day equally easily. 


The questions come in all forms of twists and turns, allowing him to respond, make mistakes, learn from his mistakes and better himself the next attempt.


My son and I have drawn up a timetable up to his PMR date scheduled for early October 09.


Insya’Allah by then, he would have covered several thousands of questions. There have been sometimes when there is some resistance and his mind is more on the video games. Still, as I said, he is a very smart boy and he can see that the setting has been made most convenient for him. So he does his part and finishes his work.

After all he can still play the games after he has finished his work!


Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.


Thank you for reading this post.





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