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Can you name any business that is profitable from day one?

Posted on: April 20, 2009




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Many of us have dreams of starting our own businesses. For every 100 people who dream about this perhaps 5 or 10 do anything. Of this 5 or 10, an even smaller percentage may succeed.


(I have written earlier about the 4 main reasons stopping people from starting their own businesses.)


One key fact is that our mindset can accept that there will be a time lag before our business starts making money. Our customers have to be aware of the business. Our sales volume has to grow. We have to invest the time, energy and hard work to make all this happen.


Then why are instant results expected in MLM or Network Marketing?


Part of this may be due to the hard sell tactics adopted by many MLM participants. They make terrific promises about instant riches. In fact, some even promise that the riches would come without doing any work.


As sane adults, we should be able to filter out the unbelievable and the incredible.


We should be able to ask ourselves –


What does a business need to survive and thrive?


– First and foremost there has to be a product or a service that provides value to our customers. Without this, the business will just die off. Tell me, do you think anyone can sell B&W TV sets these days and make a decent living?


– Our business must be located in a place where there is a market. For example, we cannot really hope that a refrigerator company setting up shop in Greenland would prosper. Online businesses, too, need this. The web sites have to be publicised so that the customers become aware.


– Hard work, patience, commitment, and  dedication.This is compulsory.


The resources to make the business get over its start up phase.


The MLM model solve most of the fears associated with people who want to start a business.


What it cannot solve is the unrealistic expectations that people put upon themselves when they start. Yes, there are examples of people who enter into MLM and immediately become a success. But we also have to look at the background of such people. Many of them might have been MLM’ers for years before that.


My advice to those of us who are looking to earn additional income. MLM is a great way to achieve that. Study the opportunity well and see if the product or service meets a current pressing need. And use your own skills to confirm if there is a market. And if the pricing is acceptable.


But make no mistake about the hard work needed!


Be prepared to work hard. Have patience. Know the product well. Know the compensation plan well. Get yourself educated and informed on marketing.


There is no substitute for this.


And sure as the sun rises in the east, you will see and taste success!


I welcome those of you who are interested, to join me in an exciting business opportunity for Malaysians. It’s a great way to earn part time income, until it overtakes your full time income. Then you can build it into a passive income source.


It’s SCORE A, an online educational portal that now allows our children to score in their exams!!! And for us to score RM!!!


Read about some of the characteristics of the product here.


Email me at with your name, town, hp number and the best time for me to call you.


Thank you for reading this post.


Best regards




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