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In 2010, all schools are to be converted to SMART SCHOOLS. Is your child ready?

Posted on: April 28, 2009


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In 1999, the Smart School Flagship Application was introduced as part of the MSC Blueprint. In order to realign our country’s education system and to make our students lifelong, self-paced and self-directed learners, the Malaysian Smart Schools were introduced. 88 schools were selected to form a nucleus.

The pilot project test-bedded the Smart School Integrated Solution, which comprised the following components:

-Browser-based teaching-learning materials (and related print materials) for Bahasa Melayu, English language, Science and Mathematics;

-Computerised Smart School Management system;

-Smart School technology infrastructure involving the use of IT and non-IT equipment, Local Area Networks for the pilot schools, and a virtual private network that connects the pilot schools; and

-Support services in the form of a centralised Help Desk, and country-wide service centres to provide maintenance and support.

The project ended in December 2002, with the 88 networked schools throughout the country, 1494 courseware titles for Bahasa Melayu, English language, Science, Mathematics, a computerised and integrated Smart School Management System, a Help Desk, and a Data Centre, and trained administrators, teachers and IT coordinators from all the pilot schools.

By 2010, the project is to be extended to all 9000 schools in the country under the Smart School Integrated Solution (SSIS).

Almost everyone will agree that this is an ambitious plan. And most probably this plan might see some hiccups and delays.

However the die has been cast. The whole world is moving towards ICT and for us not to prepare our children for this world would send our country to the dark ages.

Coming back to the practice of preparing our children for life, how many parents are aware of these changes taking place in our school system? And how many are taking proactive steps to prepare their children.

“The SMART School concept calls for browser-based teaching-learning materials (and related print materials) for Bahasa Melayu, English language, Science and Mathematics. No more books. Everything is online. The reference materials, the questions, the answers, the markings and the gradings. “

Well, SCORE A is well ahead of the pack. This is exactly what it provides. A word by word compliance with the definition of the SMART School.

SCORE A provides an excellent opportunity for parents to give their children a head start. Not only in the school exam system, but also in life!

Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at or call me at 012 611 0285. Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.

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2 Responses to "In 2010, all schools are to be converted to SMART SCHOOLS. Is your child ready?"

if and only if the penetration of broadband in household of malaysia will get into the government target, 70%. if not, there will be some problem to the one who did not have the fast interent access in house.

Hi, TMUkmkd

You are of course right. The RM15b High Speed Braodband Project was supposed to be started last year. Then there were some delays due to the Pahang Group making a proposal etc. Pesently there seems to be some silence.

Well, though our Government (like many other Governments around the world) makes some inconsistent decisions, I am hopeful that by sheer neccessity, the HSB project will be launched soon.

We have an adequate backbone, I am told. It is the fiber to the home that is the missing link.

Thanks for your comment.

BTW, what does your nick stand for?

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