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Tangga Kecemerlangan ditakrifkan dengan ringkasnya sebagai, sesuatu yang direncanakan secara hati-hati, dan dilaksanakan sebaiknya, menjelaskan tentang perniagaan kami yang anda mampu memahami sekalipun jika hanya memiliki waktu yang sangat singkat. menyenaraikan 6 pertanyaan berkaitan dengan Tangga Kecemerlangan:

Apakah produk atau perkhidmatan kami?

Siapakan pasaran kami?  

Apakah model penghasilan kami?  

Siapa yang menunjangi perusahaan?  

Siapa pesaing kita?  

Apakah kelebihan dan keutamaan persaingan?

The Dumb Little Man, blog sangat populer “Tips for Life” juga menyenaraikan pandangan beliau tentang bagaimana mengwujudkan Tangga Kecemerlangan

Pemasaran dan sebarang aktiviti penjualan, sering kita tidak terduga dan selalu diberi kesempatan yang sangat pendek untuk menjelaskan perniagaan kami, demikian kita harus memiliki Tangga Kecemerlangan yang tersedia dan siap digunakan pada bila-bila masa. Tidak mungkin untuk kita untuk membuka buku catatan dan membaca teks yang disiapkan. Tangga Kecemerlangan harus difahami dan kita munafaatkan dengan sempurna dan semangat yang tinggi.


Jika aturan untuk mempersiap dan menyampaikan Tangga Kecemerlangan telah dipatuhi, dalam Jaringan Pemasaran kita harus mampu meyakinkan prospek untuk meluangkan sedikit waktu untuk kita.


Jika anda ingin mempersiapkan Tangga Kecemerlangan anda dan jika ingin mengetahuinya dari saya, kirimkan email anda dengan tajuk Tangga Kecemerlangan kepada


Sementara itu, untuk anda yang tertarik, saya punya satu kesempatan untuk anda yang ingin memulakan usahaniaga. Ianya telah berlaku kepada saya dan pasti berlaku jua terhadap anda. Ini merupakan peluang usaha bagi seluruh Malaysia. Ini merupakan cara untuk memperoleh pendapatan pasif untuk Malaysia atau cara untuk memperoleh penghasilan paruh waktu untuk Malaysia. Baca tentang beberapa maklumat produk di sini. Kirimkan maklumat anda; nama, alamat, nombor telefon dan waktu terbaik bagi saya untuk menghubungi anda ke


SCORE A, yang kini memungkinkan setiap orang untuk berjaya!

Terima kasih kerana telah membaca artikel ini.


Salam dari teman keusahawanan anda




Zariman graduated from Polytechnic Johor Bharu in 2000, majoring in Graphic Design. He went through a number of jobs, from being a site supervisor to being an operator at a Yamaha Plant. All of them were contract jobs. Times were not good for Malaysia then.


In 2002 he went with a friend to attend an insurance opportunity meeting. Though his friend did not join, Zariman signed up as an agent.


That was his first entry into the fascinating world of marketing.


After a year and a half in insurance, he looked for other opportunities. This time he got introduced to the world of Multi Level Marketing. He did pretty well in his first company and won a trip to Australia.


Later he was introduced to yet another MLM company. He was impressed with the income statement shown by his upline friend and signed up. Though he was really fired up, the support was just not there and this, too, did not work out.


With his positive attitude towards life, Zariman did not let these two experiences turn him off MLM. Instead he attended many opportunity meetings, but, as he says, none of the products and services offered lit a fire in his eyes. Like he says, they did not create a “minat”.


One fateful day in 2006, his elder brother introduced him to Score A. This brother had also just joined and he was so fired up and his enthusiasm spread to Zariman and almost all their other family members.


At that time, Zariman was holding a full time job as well as a part time job that paid him RM23 for each night, or an approximate RM690 a month.


He decided to give up this part time job and devote that time to Score A.


The first days were tough. Despite facing many rejections, Zariman maintained his zest for life and followed his goal of talking about Score A and the business opportunity to at least one person a day.


He attended the Business Opportunity Meetings held at ZRB Resources in Bandar Tasik Selatan at least 2 times a week. He would sit in front and take notes of the speakers’ mannerisms and styles. At home he practiced by himself, gaining confidence day by day.


His first break came when he went to a friend’s house. There he met his friend’s brother in law. This BIL had some previous MLM experience and Zariman did his presentation. The BIL listened and finally told him that he would think about it.


Zariman’s eyes lighted up when he told me how, almost spontaneously, an idea came to him, and he told BIL “ Apa kata – saya tolong fikir untuk Abang”


This line caught the BIL’s heart and he agreed to attend the next BOOM. He brought along 2 other people and the 4 of them made it from Seremban to Bandar Tasik Selatan.


And all the three signed up.


Zariman’s next target was to get the BOOM to be done in Seremban. His upline told him that he would come if Zariman managed to get 50 attendees. And this was exactly what Zariman and his team of 3 managed to do.


And that was the beginning of Zariman’s success story. The business grew steadily.


Then came 2007, a very bad year for the MLM industry. Bank Negara Malaysia came down hard on so many of the internet scams that were ripping off many of the unsuspecting and ill informed Malaysian public. Many of the MLM companies and MLM participants went through very difficult times. Zariman was one of those who persevered.


He says that his faith was because Score A is a unique product, a product that fills a compelling need in the lives of almost all Malaysian parents with school going children. A product that allows the children to score A’s in school whilst the parents can score RM marketing the product.


One of Zariman’s nieces who scored 5A’s in her UPSR exams being celebrated and congratulated at the dinner.Thank you, Score A!


Without a high level of education or contacts, he figured that MLM would be the way that would make him rich.


Zariman now earns a 5 figure income, an amount that he never thought he could achieve during those early days. He is self assured and speaks with confidence and authority. And of course his knowledge of the product and compensation plan can only be described as first class.

zariman at celebration dinner

Zariman, with his trade mark $ belt buckle at the celebration dinner held by ZRB in early April 09.

I think Saudara Zariman makes a fascinating example on the success that can be achieved when determination, commitment and hard work meets with a great product and an excellent compensation plan.


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