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Passive income has been defined as income that you earn after making some “one time” effort, but much less effort is required to maintain it.


Examples may be portfolio income, which are interest and dividends earned from investments in stocks and bonds. Others may be rental income from property, royalties from publishing books or from music recordings, etc.


Another good example is a salesperson’s income from commissions on sales. This is often called residual income. Examples may be insurance commissions from premiums paid by the insured, which accrue to the agent for a number of years.


There is no such thing as effortless income. Effort, commitment, hard work and dedication are all prerequisites. You may notice that none of these requirements require any special skill or capital.


For most ordinary Malaysians, adequate capital is a setback. Many Malaysians may also not have the skills, knowledge and creativity needed to publish a book or to write commercially acceptable music.


One powerful method for the ordinary Malaysian to earn passive income is MLM, or multi level marketing. Though there may be some objections to this system, none will be able to dispute the power of MLM or Direct Selling as it is sometimes known.

“I think network marketing is the best system for the average person, yes. I say again, if in the corporate world you don’t sell within the first months, you’re fired. In network marketing they’ll work with you to achieve. What a deal that is! They will work with you to become free. Isn’t that wonderful? That’s revolutionary.”
                                                                   – Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad Poor Dad


For any business to be sustainable and successful, it must first fill a need. The business must have a product or service that meets a compelling need in society. MLM is merely the distribution channel, though it is one of the most powerful distribution channels devised by man.


So to my fellow Malaysians who lack capital and are looking for ways and means to earn additional, part time or passive income, I would honestly and enthusiastically recommend MLM.


And first of all, for them to check and ensure that the product or service meets a compelling need in Malaysian society.


We do have such a product. A product that meets a screaming need of almost every Malaysian parent with school going children from Standard 1 – Form 3.


This opportunity is available to everyone no matter where they are in Malaysia. Be it, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah, Sarawak, Perak or Johor or any other State in Malaysia.


The question is really this. Are you ready to take this opportunity?


Are you willing to invest the effort, hard work, commitment and dedication to take the plunge and build a river of passive income flowing into your bank accounts?


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If you are like me, you must be looking for some ways to earn extra money. After all who does not want to earn extra money. This is the right opportunity for you!!!

Every once in a while, a fantastic opportunity will open it’s doors. We have a product that:-

– Is in line with current trends in Malaysia and the world!

– A proven product with testimonials from parents and students who have used the product to obtain outstanding results!!!

– A product that is recession proof!!!

– A product that fills a compelling need for any Malaysian parent with school going children!

– A product that saves the parents money!

– A product that saves the parents time!

– A product whose price can be compared easily to comparative methods in the market and proven to be far cheaper!!!

– A product that helps effectively assists school going children perform extremely well in the Malaysian education exams!!!

– A product that has been approved and endorsed by the National PIBG and the Ministry of Education!!!

– A product that is used by over 80 schools in Malaysia to help score and maintain their best schools in Malaysia status!!

– A product that can be considered as part of the RM4 billion a year tuition industry!!!

In short a product that practically sells itself!!!!

There is now an opportunity for YOU to become a distributor of this product. You will be helping families to solve a very important problem and make money at the same time. You can do it part time or full time. Your income will be directly proportional to the effort and commitment you put in. No bosses to worry about!

Opportunities like this come once in a long while. Grab it NOW!!! And start your journey to financial freedom and independence.

Believe me, I have been working for the past 30 years and have reached the highest corporate levels. Sacrificing my family and time along the way. Now I am my own boss, selling a product that helps people. Don’t make the same mistake I did and wait.

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Thank you

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