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Ini adalah judul kajian oleh Kim Klaver yang ia lakukan dalam bulan Januari 2009.  Sejumlah 13 pertanyaan dilakukan dalam kajian ini, dan hasilnya  (anda boleh lihat sendiri di sini)sangat menakjubkan.  Sungguhpun demikian saya belum dapat menemukan sebuah hasil kajian yang benar-benar sesuai di Malaysia.

Apa yang membuat saya benar benar tertarik ialah:-

a)     Apa yang menjadikan anda terus berkhidmat dengan organisasi anda? Produk (61,0%), Wang (22,8%)

b)     Apakah produk semata-mata berbaloi untuk anda menjadi sebahagian dari Organisasi? Ya (82.1%), Tidak (14.3%)

c)     Apa yang lebih mudah dalam usaha ekonomi: Untuk menjual produk atau merekrut usahawan? Jual Produk (23.7%), Merekrut Usahawan (20.9%), Kedua-duanya sukar (43.0%)

Jadi sepertinya (walaupun sampel kajian hanya 250 responden), bahawa kebanyakan orang menyertai MLM karena produk.  Nanti mereka mengetahui atau merasa bahwa ia sangat sulit untuk menjual produk atau merekrut usahawan MLM.  Ini adalah sesuatu yang kita akan lebih banyak berbicara lebih jelas di tulisan saya akan dating.

Hal ini juga membuat rasa mutlak, karena jika ada produk kurang baik dipasaran, bagaimana kita di mukabumi ini dapat membuat peluang usaha dari produk tersebut.

Saya menyertai SCORE A, kerana saya pikir ini adalah produk yang sangat istimewa.

Sebuah produk yang keluarga saya telah menggunakannya sejak 8 September 2008 dan dengan aktifnya sejak November 2008.

Saya yakin bahawa ada lebih banyak orang yang akan merasakan produk ini seperti yang saya alami, yang mana ia boleh menembusi perisai diri saya apabila mendengar ungkapan MLM!

Sementara itu, untuk orang-orang yang berminat, saya memiliki kesempatan yang baik untuk anda membuat usaha mengahsilkan wang.  Ini adalah peluang usaha untuk semua rakyat Malaysia.  Ini adalah cara untuk memperoleh pendapatan pasif atau cara untuk memperoleh penghasilan separuh waktu untuk anda rakyat Malaysia.

SCORE A, sebuah portal pendidikan yang kini memungkinkan setiap orang untuk berjaya cemerlang!

Sementara itu, untuk anda yang tertarik, saya punya satu kesempatan untuk anda yang ingin memulakan usahaniaga. Ianya telah berlaku kepada saya dan pasti berlaku jua terhadap anda. Ini merupakan peluang usaha bagi seluruh Malaysia. Ini merupakan cara untuk memperoleh pendapatan pasif untuk Malaysia atau cara untuk memperoleh penghasilan separuh waktu untuk rakyat Malaysia. Baca tentang beberapa maklumat produk di sini. Kirimkan maklumat anda; nama, alamat, nombor telefon dan waktu terbaik bagi saya untuk menghubungi anda ke

Terima kasih kerana telah membaca artikel ini.

Salam dari teman keusahawanan anda



pmr poster

Source: Google

My family got introduced to Score A in late 2008. Unfortunately I lost a few months before fully appreciating the powerful and useful tool that Score A was.

This year, I have focussed only on my son. My daughter, Nana who is in Form 2 now shall be sitting for her PMR in 2010. And Ain would be sitting for her UPSR in 2011. I have agreed with Nana that “her turn” will come from the beginning of the 2009 school holidays onwards.

My son has completed the eTopics for Form 3, a little ahead of the progress in school. On the 21 May 09, he started on the eAssessments for Form 3. He shall be doing at least 4 subjects a day, with all 6 subjects per day during the school holidays starting from 30th May – 14 June 09. Then it is back to 4 subjects a day until the end of June 09.

My son will be allowed to make references to any of his revision books whilst he is doing these eAssessments.

From the 1st July – 30th September 09, my son will be working on the PMR past year questions from 1993 – 2008, a total of 16 years, or about 5 years of questions per month. My son and I are not sure how the timing of this would be, but if there are gaps, he can look at doing further eAssessments or eTrial Exams.

Come 6th October 09, Insya’Allah, my son should be as prepared as we can be. After that it shall be in the good hands of the All Mighty.

Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at or call me at 012 611 0285. Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.

Thank you for reading this post.


Practice makes perfect!

Tiger Woods started practicing golf since he was 9 months old!


To become a pro football player, you are advised to carry a ball wherever you go, play as much as you can, be the first to start and the last to stop.


I have known for a long time that practice makes perfect. My problem was not being able to pay the great price I would have to pay in order for my son to practice his work.


I have tried the traditional systems which have worked for so many others. I tried tuition classes and did not see any results. I tried individual tuition (having a teacher come to our house) and that, too, did not work to my satisfaction.


I made up my mind sometime in September / October 2008 (when my son was about to finish his Form 2), that during the school holidays, I’ll sit with him and go through his studies personally with him.


But then my wife found Score A!


I was sceptical, but was surprised at the results it brought out in our youngest girl, who was in Standard 3 then. So I started applying Score A on my son, who sits for PMR this year.


And I have also found a role model for him. Meet Kok Chin Chung, a 2005 PMR student of Sekolah Menengah SMK Katholik, PJ.


Chin Chung was a poor student in his Form 1. Then his parents got introduced to   Score A, and his results improved in Form 2. He was top of his class in Form 3 and ended up scoring 8A’s in the PMR.


I have never met Chin Chung, just like I have never met Tiger Woods or any professional footballer. I have no reason to disbelieve the testimonial that Chin Chung’s family has authorised the Score A educational portal to highlight. You can see his report cards for Form 1, 2 and 3 as well as his PMR results slip.



The Form 1 report card is almost covered in red. Any parent’s nightmare.



 The Form 2 report card shows some improvements.



In Form 3, he makes it to the top of his class!



 And to his parents pride and joy, he scores 8 A’s in his PMR! Now he should be brimming with self confidence!

My son may not be the top of his class now. In fact, he has just finished revising his Form 2 work and has just started on his eTopics of the Form 3 syllabus. We have prepared a schedule where he will finish his Form 3 syllabus by mid May and then work on eAssessments for Form 3, just like he did 390 questions a day of his Form 2 work.


I have shown him Chin Chung’s report cards as well as his PMR slip. Chin Chung is like a role model for my son. God Willing, soon my son will be the role model for his two younger sisters.


Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at or call me at 012 611 0285. Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.


Thank you for reading this post.








drill holes in walls

Drilling a hole in a brick wall. Source: Google

This is a powerful statement. Read it again to let the message sink in deep. It is a message that should never be overlooked in the professional world of marketing and sales.

And the same principle applies for MLMers.

Since a vast majority of us, MLMers are amateurs in the world of marketing, this principle is often overlooked.

Essentially the lesson is that we should pause and listen to find out exactly what the prospect wants and then fill that need. Not to rush in and offer our pitch of the so called greatest product and the greatest marketing plan in the world that we are marketing.

And if we can’t sensibly fill that need, we should move on. That is the bottom line.

Let’s get back to the example of the drill.

Probably the customer walked into the hardware shop and asked about drills. The skilled salesman would be asking him what his intended uses for the drill would be. Is it to drill wood or metal? Same sized holes or different sized holes? Many holes, how deep? Are the intended holes in the outback where there may be no electrical power or would it be in the house?

With the answers gathered from this line of questioning, not only would the salesman be able to recommend the most suitable drill, but would most probably be able to suggest other complementary products, like safety glasses, wood fillers etc.

How does this apply to us, MLMers?

Yes, it is true that very many of us want to make more money.

Yes, it is true that very many of us want to look and feel better.

Yes, it is true that very many of us want our children to do better in school.

Yes, it is true that very many of us want to have more time to ourselves and our family.

Still, a little time and care taken to talk with the prospect and understand his immediate and most pressing needs better would allow us to make our pitch in the correct direction of the prospect’s most receptive part of his or her mind.

I welcome those of you who are interested, to join me in an exciting business opportunity for Malaysians. It’s a great way to earn part time income, until it overtakes your full time income. Then you can build it into a passive income source.

It’s SCORE A, an online educational portal that now allows our children to score in their exams!!! And for us to score RM!!!

Read about some of the characteristics of the product here.

Email me at with your name, town, hp number and the best time for me to call you. Or call me at 012 611 0285.

Thank you for reading this post.

Best regards


I saw this banner heading in a recent Brands Essence of Chicken advertisement in the local Star. Yes, this statement is so true.


Whether we are adults reading a business report or a child studying for school, what matters at the end of the day is how much we absorb.


Here we are only going to talk about children and their studies.


Parents have a dilemma. They know this statement is true, but how do the parents check how much the child has absorbed of his or her studies. The school report card is the usual way. However the report cards come out 2 or 3 times a year. This may be insufficient for the busy parent to track the academic progress of a child.


The other way is to set tests for the kids. Then grade the tests and keep track of the progress. This requires a significant investment in time on the part of the parents.


Now Score A has an easy and price effective solution!


eReport Cards are an integral part of the Score A online study and examination portal.


view of eReport card


The eReport Cards are available for both the student and the parent to view. From this screen, the parent can see:-


         The date the questions were answered,

         The School level, i.e. Standard 4 or Form 3,

         The Exam type, eTopic, eAssessment, Past Year Questions or eTrial Exams,

         The subject,

         the Topic, i.e. the chapter of the subject,

         The paper sat for, i.e. Set 1 or 2 or 3

         The time the student took to complete the paper,

         The marks the student obtained and

         If necessary, to be able to review all the answers or only the wrong answers.


This detailed information remains in the database of the Company’s servers, so the parent does not even have to save or print or anything like that. It is updated immediately and can be seen at anytime, 24/7.


Overtime the parent would be easily able to see the progress of his or her child. Further assistance can be arranged for the child once the parent is aware of where the shortcomings are.


The eReport Card lists out all these details in chronological order, daily.


The eProgress Report one the other hand, first summarises by month. This can be expanded to show the details. We shall talk about the eProgress part in subsequent posts. 


As a parent of 3 still school going children, I have found tremendous value in using Score A. My children, too, prefer this mode of online study and testing as opposed to books and pens.


I urge all parents, who see the need to assist their school going children to excel in their studies to look at Score A. I am sure they will not regret this investment.


Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at or call me at 012 611 0285. Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.


Thank you for reading this post.



Source: Google

In 1999, the Smart School Flagship Application was introduced as part of the MSC Blueprint. In order to realign our country’s education system and to make our students lifelong, self-paced and self-directed learners, the Malaysian Smart Schools were introduced. 88 schools were selected to form a nucleus.

The pilot project test-bedded the Smart School Integrated Solution, which comprised the following components:

-Browser-based teaching-learning materials (and related print materials) for Bahasa Melayu, English language, Science and Mathematics;

-Computerised Smart School Management system;

-Smart School technology infrastructure involving the use of IT and non-IT equipment, Local Area Networks for the pilot schools, and a virtual private network that connects the pilot schools; and

-Support services in the form of a centralised Help Desk, and country-wide service centres to provide maintenance and support.

The project ended in December 2002, with the 88 networked schools throughout the country, 1494 courseware titles for Bahasa Melayu, English language, Science, Mathematics, a computerised and integrated Smart School Management System, a Help Desk, and a Data Centre, and trained administrators, teachers and IT coordinators from all the pilot schools.

By 2010, the project is to be extended to all 9000 schools in the country under the Smart School Integrated Solution (SSIS).

Almost everyone will agree that this is an ambitious plan. And most probably this plan might see some hiccups and delays.

However the die has been cast. The whole world is moving towards ICT and for us not to prepare our children for this world would send our country to the dark ages.

Coming back to the practice of preparing our children for life, how many parents are aware of these changes taking place in our school system? And how many are taking proactive steps to prepare their children.

“The SMART School concept calls for browser-based teaching-learning materials (and related print materials) for Bahasa Melayu, English language, Science and Mathematics. No more books. Everything is online. The reference materials, the questions, the answers, the markings and the gradings. “

Well, SCORE A is well ahead of the pack. This is exactly what it provides. A word by word compliance with the definition of the SMART School.

SCORE A provides an excellent opportunity for parents to give their children a head start. Not only in the school exam system, but also in life!

Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at or call me at 012 611 0285. Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.

Thank you for reading this post.


When I was sitting for my accountancy exams many years ago, the one thing that made all the difference was our group study. Five of us got together and answered as many of the past year questions as we could. We had the problem of not knowing what the correct answers were. So we would answer the questions the best we could and compare answers. Somehow within our group there would be someone who knew what the others did not. So the group gained on the whole.


For our children sitting for their UPSR or PMR, this is also the logical thing to do.


Get them to answer as many past year questions as possible.


For us as parents, the following issues comes up.


         Where do we get the questions?


         How do we check them to see if our children have answered them correctly?


         How do we know if they have answered them within the time allotted?


         How do we track their progress?


The online Score A portal resolves all these easily.


They have in their databank, past year questions for PMR and UPSR from 1993 to 2008.


All our child has to do is to:


         select PMR or UPSR as the case may be,


         select the year, and


         select the subject.


The questions pop up on the screen with a timer.


As the child answers them, the timer runs and once the allotted time is up, our child has to stop.

 Score A exam paper

Screen Shot of the exam paper.

The results are instantly marked and tallied. We can keep track of this online from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.


I think this is a paradigm shift in the manner of assisting students study.


The Sekolah Menengah Ulu Selangor has been implementing this system to help polish their students since 2003. And we should NOT be surprised that this school is a perpetual top scorer!


I have been using Score A with my children since November 08. It has only been about 4 months now, but I am already feeling the difference.


Insya’Allah, my son, with his hard work and practice and by Allah SWT’s Grace should do well in his PMR later this year.


Parents who are interested in using this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.


Thank you for reading this post.



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