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My introduction to Output Learning started when I signed up for the Score A Program for my 3 school going children.


I have long known that the Malaysian school system left a lot to be desired in imparting knowledge to the kids. We tried tuition but that did not seem to be of much help. Further my wife or I did not have the skills or the time to home school my kids.


I remembered the study group we had formed when I was doing my MICPA exams. It helped a lot. Basically a group of us got together and attempted to answer the past year questions. Collectively we had the knowledge to be able to answer all the questions.


When I found out about Score A it seemed perfect!


Input Learning is primarily what my children get in school. The teachers teach and the text books are read. Both of which are input. However not all children are wired the same way. Whilst some may absorb this method of learning, others falter.


Output Learning is where the children learn by practice. Through constant practice they get to understand what they have learned.


The key facts that got me hooked on Score A are these:-


a)    The children learn online. There has been enough written about the lack of reading. However the kids seem more receptive to online stuff. They know how to use the “Help” function to get over problems.


b)    There are thousands and thousands of questions. Hence my children will be exposed to all kinds of questions the examiners can think of. This is unlike “spotting”, where a great element of luck is involved.


c)     There are online resources to refer to. For any one topic, say Fractions in Mathematics, my son can click on ENotes and be able to read specially prepared notes on this Topic.


d)    The questions are instantly marked and the results known. This helps my children as they immediately know where they stand and there is a inner motivation to do better. As their parent, my wife and I also have access to their results, so we can track their progress.


e)    Past Year Questions. I remember the trouble we had to go through trying to track down the past year questions for my elder girls to practice on. Score A solves this by providing online the past year questions for PMR and UPSR from 1993 to now.


f)      Time Management. This is something the children may be lacking in. Being able to answer the questions is one thing. Doing so within the time allowed is another. Score A has a timer that allows the children to know where they stand and they are timed out if they exceed the time allotted.



I have been told by some people that Output Learning may not help in full comprehension and understanding. I feel that constant practice should help in this endeavour.


Of course, no system can work without the parents monitoring closely. With my children, I have a time table in place. Yes, there is a little of the yelling and such, but the work is getting done.


My children have not progressed to answering the past year questions yet. My son, who will be sitting for his PMR this October, should be on this by June 09, Insya’Allah.


So far the results are being noticed at the school tests level. He had some “C’s” in his school exams last year end. Last week, he had a string of B+’s. This is good enough progress for me.


Now you can see why I am a passionate promoter for the Score A Program.


Please contact me at to learn more.


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