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Practice makes perfect!

Tiger Woods started practicing golf since he was 9 months old!


To become a pro football player, you are advised to carry a ball wherever you go, play as much as you can, be the first to start and the last to stop.


I have known for a long time that practice makes perfect. My problem was not being able to pay the great price I would have to pay in order for my son to practice his work.


I have tried the traditional systems which have worked for so many others. I tried tuition classes and did not see any results. I tried individual tuition (having a teacher come to our house) and that, too, did not work to my satisfaction.


I made up my mind sometime in September / October 2008 (when my son was about to finish his Form 2), that during the school holidays, I’ll sit with him and go through his studies personally with him.


But then my wife found Score A!


I was sceptical, but was surprised at the results it brought out in our youngest girl, who was in Standard 3 then. So I started applying Score A on my son, who sits for PMR this year.


And I have also found a role model for him. Meet Kok Chin Chung, a 2005 PMR student of Sekolah Menengah SMK Katholik, PJ.


Chin Chung was a poor student in his Form 1. Then his parents got introduced to   Score A, and his results improved in Form 2. He was top of his class in Form 3 and ended up scoring 8A’s in the PMR.


I have never met Chin Chung, just like I have never met Tiger Woods or any professional footballer. I have no reason to disbelieve the testimonial that Chin Chung’s family has authorised the Score A educational portal to highlight. You can see his report cards for Form 1, 2 and 3 as well as his PMR results slip.



The Form 1 report card is almost covered in red. Any parent’s nightmare.



 The Form 2 report card shows some improvements.



In Form 3, he makes it to the top of his class!



 And to his parents pride and joy, he scores 8 A’s in his PMR! Now he should be brimming with self confidence!

My son may not be the top of his class now. In fact, he has just finished revising his Form 2 work and has just started on his eTopics of the Form 3 syllabus. We have prepared a schedule where he will finish his Form 3 syllabus by mid May and then work on eAssessments for Form 3, just like he did 390 questions a day of his Form 2 work.


I have shown him Chin Chung’s report cards as well as his PMR slip. Chin Chung is like a role model for my son. God Willing, soon my son will be the role model for his two younger sisters.


Parents who are interested in applying this revolutionary, in line with the current trends educational help system can contact me at or call me at 012 611 0285. Let’s do our best to give our children a better life than we had.


Thank you for reading this post.









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