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Let’s continue on this topic which must rank as one of the most often heard response from a prospect by a MLMer.


In the last article we discussed the fear of rejection, being the actual reason why this excuse is often put forward. Now let’s talk a little about the second part of this rejection, i.e.


“believing that this being turned down would have a permanent effect on the relationship  between us and the prospect.”


What do you think?


If you were an uninterested observer, would you think that permanent damage would be done to a relationship if one party declines to participate in any business deal with another?


I would think that most people would say no! But that is when we are uninterested observers.


When we are directly involved, then our mind set changes, and the fear sets in.


Of course, the manner in which we try to recruit or sell to the prospect makes a difference. Lying, being rude, being irresponsible with promises, disrespectful of the prospects time constraints all matter. But then, these would matter in any other case, anyway.


If our approach is polite and is done during an appointment made for this specific purpose, then we should have no fear. Only if we become a pest should we have to worry about our relationship being affected.


So let’s be professional. Prepare our best sales pitch as suited for the prospect. Deliver the pitch as best as we can. And after all this, the prospect is not interested, then we move on. The rest of the world is still out there!



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This must be one of the more often heard responses from a prospect by a Malaysian MLMer, and in fact all MLMers. And we should not really be surprised.

However it is strange that people can take it upon themselves to learn things which they do not know. Learning how to drive, learning how to cook, learning how to bungee jump and learning how to sew are all examples of skills people learn.

Then why are people so scared of MLM selling?

Perhaps the answer lies in the “fear of rejection”. Not so much as our fear that we may not be able to learn how to sell, but rather the fear of being turned down and also believing that this being turned down would have a permanent effect on the relationship between us and the prospect.

Today let us try to examine the first reason.

a) The fear of being rejected or turned down.

If you think about this deeply, we say “no” to other people quite frequently. This could be to people we know, like a friend asking us to go for lunch, or people we don’t know, like a salesman at a supermarket offering us a special deal on something that we don’t want.

In the case of saying “no” to people we know, there might be a feeling of guilt, but very rarely in the case of people we don’t know. And after saying “no”, we don’t sit and think about this event deeply. Most probably we forget about it quite soon.

So it seems to me that “saying no” is not really a big deal.

What about the recipient? Do you think their lives get shattered? If this were to be the case, we should see different salespersons everyday in every supermarket or shop or selling establishment. Or at least very often see some salespeople rushing out of supermarkets crying their hearts out. True, the more sensitive amongst us might feel hurt, but really rare are those who mope and worry about the rejection day after day.

And I am willing to guarantee that in every case of someone feeling down because of a rejection, the advise he or she would get from their best friends, parents or other sincerely well intentioned people would be “forget it lah! This is nothing!”

So should anyone really worry about being rejected in a sales call. No, we should not!

In any sales call, we should just be prepared for a rejection. After all a prospect can buy or not buy. Both are valid options for the prospect. Just like options we would want if we were in their shoes. Why should we worry if he or she chooses the option not to buy?

After all it is clear that saying “no” to an invitation is not a big deal. So receiving a “no” should not be that big a deal either. It is just a state of mind.

In fact there is a technique to make each rejection a profitable one!

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We can perhaps divide the world’s population into 3 clear groups. The workers or employees, the employers and the others who come from the more impoverished countries, unable to find or to provide jobs. Given that most employers have more than one worker, the 1st group must be a very significant group.

Yet a large majority of employees yearn to do their own business.


I read an interesting article by Leonard Clements, where he quoted a survey done in 1991 with the simple question, “If all obstacles were removed, would you like to own your business”. 85% said yes. (I would have said “yes” immediately too.)


Going deeper to find out why this 85% were not starting their own businesses, it was realised that :-


“it was never about preferring to work for someone else’s

business, but rather because of the fear of starting your own.”


And the 4 fears highest on the list were :-


– It takes too much money.

– It takes too much time.

– There’s too much risk.

– They didn’t know how.


I can totally relate to the results of this survey.


We prefer to continue working at our jobs with the safety of the paycheck and then complain about not having freedom and independence, rather than taking a leap into the unknown. Fear keeps us back.


Well, MLM offers a way out. It allows us an opportunity to fully explore our entrepreneurial spirit in a manner that avoids the 4 biggest fears that we have.


MLM has a low cost of entry. It’s unlike traditional businesses which may need space, workers or other administrative support and associated costs.


MLM has a powerful leveraging system. If used well and correctly, the downline should expand giving us income from other people’s time and  effort.


MLM comes with a support system that takes care of our “lack of know how” till we get the experience and find our own bearings.


MLM can be done within whatever time limits we set ourselves. We and we alone decide on the time to spend on the business. Just like anything else, the less time we spend, especially at the beginning start up stage, the less are the rewards.


MLM can be done whilst still maintaining our main job. So we don’t have to take the risk of cutting loose before the MLM income reaches our employment income.


With all these advantages, then why is MLM so looked down upon? There are some reasons which we shall study in our next post.


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Passive income has been defined as income that you earn after making some “one time” effort, but much less effort is required to maintain it.


Examples may be portfolio income, which are interest and dividends earned from investments in stocks and bonds. Others may be rental income from property, royalties from publishing books or from music recordings, etc.


Another good example is a salesperson’s income from commissions on sales. This is often called residual income. Examples may be insurance commissions from premiums paid by the insured, which accrue to the agent for a number of years.


There is no such thing as effortless income. Effort, commitment, hard work and dedication are all prerequisites. You may notice that none of these requirements require any special skill or capital.


For most ordinary Malaysians, adequate capital is a setback. Many Malaysians may also not have the skills, knowledge and creativity needed to publish a book or to write commercially acceptable music.


One powerful method for the ordinary Malaysian to earn passive income is MLM, or multi level marketing. Though there may be some objections to this system, none will be able to dispute the power of MLM or Direct Selling as it is sometimes known.

“I think network marketing is the best system for the average person, yes. I say again, if in the corporate world you don’t sell within the first months, you’re fired. In network marketing they’ll work with you to achieve. What a deal that is! They will work with you to become free. Isn’t that wonderful? That’s revolutionary.”
                                                                   – Robert Kiyosaki, author Rich Dad Poor Dad


For any business to be sustainable and successful, it must first fill a need. The business must have a product or service that meets a compelling need in society. MLM is merely the distribution channel, though it is one of the most powerful distribution channels devised by man.


So to my fellow Malaysians who lack capital and are looking for ways and means to earn additional, part time or passive income, I would honestly and enthusiastically recommend MLM.


And first of all, for them to check and ensure that the product or service meets a compelling need in Malaysian society.


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