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Let’s continue on this topic which must rank as one of the most often heard response from a prospect by a MLMer.


In the last article we discussed the fear of rejection, being the actual reason why this excuse is often put forward. Now let’s talk a little about the second part of this rejection, i.e.


“believing that this being turned down would have a permanent effect on the relationship  between us and the prospect.”


What do you think?


If you were an uninterested observer, would you think that permanent damage would be done to a relationship if one party declines to participate in any business deal with another?


I would think that most people would say no! But that is when we are uninterested observers.


When we are directly involved, then our mind set changes, and the fear sets in.


Of course, the manner in which we try to recruit or sell to the prospect makes a difference. Lying, being rude, being irresponsible with promises, disrespectful of the prospects time constraints all matter. But then, these would matter in any other case, anyway.


If our approach is polite and is done during an appointment made for this specific purpose, then we should have no fear. Only if we become a pest should we have to worry about our relationship being affected.


So let’s be professional. Prepare our best sales pitch as suited for the prospect. Deliver the pitch as best as we can. And after all this, the prospect is not interested, then we move on. The rest of the world is still out there!



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